日本サイクルツーリズム推進協会は、英国のサイクリング協会「Cycling UK」(CTC、Cyclists Touring Club)と提携し、インバウンドにも対応する国際水準のガイド育成を行っています。

2〜3日間のサイクリングガイド養成講座を修了し、当協会が定める認定基準に達した方々には、Cycling UK、並びに日本サイクルツーリズム推進協会の認定ガイドとして、ご活躍いただけます。

Cycling UKについて
Cycling UKは、140年の歴史をもつ英国のサイクリング協会で、現在世界各国からの受講生を受け入れ、サイクリングガイドの育成、ならびにサイクリングツアーオペレーター教育を行っています。当協会はCycling UKのガイド教育カリキュラムを基に、日本の道路環境や道交法、さらには日本の旅行業法を加味し、日本のサイクルツーリズムを担うグローバルスタンドードの人材を養成しています。

About JCTA cycling guides

JCTA cycling guides are local experts who know just where to take you.
Of all our advantages, this one is the greatest: each one of our cycling guides is steeped in local knowledge and intimately familiar with the unique appeal that each place has to offer. Sights and scenes that can only be seen in a particular place, food you can’t find anywhere else, and most of all, the encounters with local people that transform a trip into a uniquely memorable experience. Come experience it all with us!
JCTA cycling guides are internationally qualified professional cycling guides
All of our guides are professionals certified by both Cycling UK and the Japan Cycle Tourism Association. This is your guarantee that you will enjoy the ultimate cycling tour experience, a combination of the highest level of international expertise and the superb hospitality for which Japanese culture is legendary.

About Cycling UK and the Japan Cycle Tourism Association

Cycling UK is a British cycling association with a history of more than 140 years promoting cycling popularity and cycling education. While working in cooperation with the British government to provide cycling instructor education and certification, Cycling UK also offers an advanced program that provides further training for cycling tour guide certification. Cycling guides qualified by Cycling UK are now applying their expertise in providing cycling tours throughout North America and Europe.
The Japan Cycle Tourism Association (JCTA) is the only organization in Japan qualified to offer Cycling UK educational curricula for bicyclists and cycling tour guides. In cooperation with local governments and cycling associations throughout Japan, JCTA provides training and certification for cycling instructors and tour guides nationwide.